Undergrad Thesis: Social Catalyst

Originating from a critique of mixed-use buildings as an undeniable catalyst for social engagement, this project holds more than a conglomeration of diverse programs. Reaching out its tendrils in every direction and strata, the building draws visitors inside directing them towards spaces where programmatic elevators sporadically travel between floors. When one stops and activates a… Continue reading Undergrad Thesis: Social Catalyst


Kinetic Exploration

OBJECT DESIGN: winter_2012  Use of Firefly + Arduino Uno to code the movement An initial interest in the representation of an image through various apertures led to this kinetic investigation.  The physical object is a 9-square grid section of an intended surface of these cells.  Each cell is held in place through a system of… Continue reading Kinetic Exploration

Vellum_Bloom v2

CONCEPT: Bloom begins to explore ways for furniture to evoke social interaction between individuals and participation with the object itself through means of incentive and conflict. When the chair is unused, it is in a folded up position. The mechanics of the base structure builds up a curiosity in the kinetics of the bench, creating… Continue reading Vellum_Bloom v2

Vellum Furniture_Project 1: BLOOM

As our first assignment we had to design a piece of furniture that embodies the word: PLAY. In its natural state the piece appears as a more sculptural object with a seat for one person. As the first person sits down it begins to "blossom" as new seats become available. It is an experiment of… Continue reading Vellum Furniture_Project 1: BLOOM