Kinetic Exploration

OBJECT DESIGN: winter_2012 

Use of Firefly + Arduino Uno to code the movement

An initial interest in the representation of an image through various apertures led to this kinetic investigation.  The physical object is a 9-square grid section of an intended surface of these cells.  Each cell is held in place through a system of vertical structure and horizontal planes guiding the vertical movement. The movement is translated with wire through the structure to create the resulting rotation. A faceted mylar skin, formed through a geometric exploration of scoring and folding a single surface, clads each cell.

ImagePerspective_ Depicting Movement from Closed to Open

ImageKinetics of Movement

ImageExploded Diagram of One Unit

ImageEntire Structure during the Night_ Lit by Blue LEDs

ImageEntire Structure during the Day_Mylar Cladding with Acrylic Substructure Connecting to Primary Grid Framework

Image Primary Grid Framework_Arduino Uno, Servos and Wires on top of the Structure

ImageTranslation Structure_movement guided through interior rod

Each Individual Cell is connected with acrylic REMOVABLE pins to allow for possible repairs.

ImageDetail of Mylar-Acrylic Connection_slots created to maintain clean and removable connections


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