Vellum_Bloom v2


Bloom begins to explore ways for furniture to evoke social interaction between individuals and participation with the object itself through means of incentive and conflict. When the chair is unused, it is in a folded up position. The mechanics of the base structure builds up a curiosity in the kinetics of the bench, creating incentive to interact. After the first person initializes the movement, the bench begins to unfold lowering the neighboring seats to a useable angle. As those seats become occupied, the bench continues to unfold in a stepped movement. The incremental unfolding forces individuals to sit in direct proximity next to one another creating incentive for social interaction. It also prevents users from sitting on opposite sides of the bench or from one person utilizing the entire bench alone.

Check out the Making of Bloom video on Vimeo.

130411-khajash-Bloom-onlineKinetic Movement_the seats unfold incrementally as people begin to interact with it until it is fully utilized

130411-khajash-Bloom-online2Exploded Systems_steel as the kinetic system + plywood seats as the and tactile material of interaction
130411-khajash-Bloom-online3Exploded Isometric

130411-khajash-Bloom-online4Construction_joint variations

130411-khajash-Bloom-online5Details of Slats_profile of the seats limits the range of motion of the system while the interior hole minimizes weight

Sequence of Movement_The following diagrams break down the movement of  the bench into steps relating to the sequence of interaction by individuals.

04-movement 05-movement 06-movement


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