Pixellated Grid

SHADOW STUDY_moving into 3D_v1

In development from my light study, I worked to create a form that would simulate the diameter change in the “Ronchamp Study”. The issue with the previous study is that lack of physicality; a projection can only be a 2-dimensional interest. I developed this very simple grid in which boxes are suspended. With a strong side light source, deep shadows form and can be adjusted by changing the depth of each of these boxes. This begins to create an interesting pixellation of a 3-dimensional “screen”.


    _____ Randomized Grid                                          Vertical Grid with Gradient

When the form is rotated 90 degrees to parallel the floor plane gravity begins to play an important role in the motion of this installation. Gravity pulls the boxes down as the servo pulls them up. In this digital simulation, the boxes can either be randomized or move in a clean gradient, depending on the initial attachment. This is important because now MOTION is introduced to the installation. Each box has a string attached to a servo, which responds to a Light Sensor. When the light changes the servo rotates changing the depth of the boxes, effectively changing the size of the aperture.

To see my VIDEO with process images CLICK HERE.


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