Light Study


My interest in cinematography developed into a focus on the history of recording images and setting them to motion. In an effort to study the movement of horses, Eadweard Muybridge captured a series of snapshots of a horse galloping in order to answer the question of whether all four legs are lifted from the ground at one time.  Almost as a by-product of catching this specific moment, Muybridge was able to capture and project motion through his zoopraxiscope. Instead of taking a series of photographs and setting them to motion, I am interested in the exploration and animation of a single powerful image. In this digital world, images are broken down into pixels which are colored in a gradient from black to white (taking only B+W images). Instead of using color as the variable, I used the length of the diameter of circles as my variable while keeping the color as a constant. A simple Grasshopper script allowed me to adjust the pixelization and explore the clarity of the image. My motion is simply moving from a larger grid and more abstract image to a smaller grid creating a clearer image. This is only the initial exploration of the pixelization and breakdown of images and how motion can be introduced in different ways. My next steps require an exploration of creating a 3-dimensional object that can begin to simulate the varied apertures and pixels in an image.

“Ronchamp” designed by Le Corbusier

Photographed 2011

B+W 35mm ISO 200


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